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This camp is geared towards ski racing fundamentals, training progressions, and TIME ON SNOW! Athletes learn their confidence from skiing all terrain, at all speeds, in all different conditions. Early season mileage pays huge dividends as later races approach. As many of you know, this is a day camp. We provide the coaching staff during the day and occasional evening activities. Athlete’s airfare, accommodations, meals, and lift ticket are the responsibility of their families. The camp will begin on Saturday, November 23rd and run through Friday, November 29th. This will include six full days of coaching with Thursday off for Thanksgiving. Tracy Roberge is coordinating a Turkey Day team dinner for all. We are planning a minimum of two half day sessions of gate training. Also an evening trip or two to the Breckinridge Recreation Center is in the works. Returning coaches this year are GW Killory, Jill Foreman, and Maura Cosman. Greg Odell has also committed to join us! We have two other awesome coaches who can’t be named yet . We will have appropriate coaching for every age group.

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